Law Society demands fair hearing from Government on personal injury

The Law Society has told the Transport Select Committee’s inquiry that hearing only one side of the argument on whiplash claims will penalise genuine accident victims.
In a letter to Ms Louise Ellman MP, Chair of the Transport Select Committee, the Law Society insisted that the Government hear both sides of the debate.
Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, President of the Law Society, said:
“This is a debate in which all too often the perspective of only a single side − the insurers – is heard. Such a one-sided debate has the potential to distort the facts, leading to ill-considered and disproportionate policy-making.”
Submitting written evidence to the Transport Select Committee’s inquiry into whiplash claims, she asserted that Government proposals to increase the small claims limit in personal injury cases largely stem from propaganda, generated by insurers.
Ms Scott-Moncrieff said that the legal profession welcomed the Transport Select Committee decision to inquire into the motor insurance market and the consequence of an increase in whiplash claims.
However, she insisted that the insurance industry’s ruthless lobbying of Government should not be allowed to result in policies which deny expert legal advice to many thousands of genuine accident victims.
She reminded the Committee Chairman that the Society is ready to expand on its evidence in oral hearings, to share the perspective of legal practitioners with the Committee.
In her letter, she added: “Such a one-sided debate has the potential to distort the facts leading to, in the Society’s view, ill-considered and disproportionate policy-making. I very much hope, therefore, that your Committee is able to hear from all sides, including the solicitors’ profession, during the course of your inquiry.”
15 April 2013

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