High Court ruling – Judicial Review Challenge

The Honourable Mr Justice Burnett today quashed the Lord Chancellor’s decision on the number of criminal legal aid duty solicitor contracts to be allocated under the Government’s proposals.
Law Society President Andrew Caplen said: “Clearly, it is now for the Lord Chancellor to respond to the High Court ruling.
“I am acutely aware of the potential devastation facing criminal law solicitors and the reducing availability of quality legal advice to vulnerable members of the public. We have no doubt that the Government’s proposals will have a direct impact on the viability of solicitors providing these all-important services to their local communities.
“Under my Presidency, the Law Society will do all in its power to support criminal legal aid solicitors and to defend the rule of law.
“I will engage fully with our members to draw further attention to the plight of criminal law practitioners and the threat to the working of the criminal justice system that has been highlighted by today’s ruling.”

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