Consumers remain at risk from cowboy will writers

The Law Society has reacted with disappointment to the Government’s decision not to regulate will writers. The Government’s decision, announced today, rejects advice from the Legal Services Board (LSB) based on evidence of dishonesty, incompetence and bad practice by unregulated will writers.
Desmond Hudson, Chief Executive of the Law Society said:
“Consumers have been let down by this deeply disappointing decision. We provided plenty of evidence to the LSB, demonstrating that consumers are at real risk from certain unregulated will writers who can be incompetent, untrained and uninsured.
“Thanks to the Government’s decision today, unregulated providers can carry on writing wholly unsuitable wills, leaving consumers without any recourse when things go wrong as a result.
“Until the Government changes its minds on this, the only sensible choice for consumers is to have a Solicitor to write your will, and to ensure a solicitor is chosen to administer the estate of your loved one. A solicitor is qualified and brings the comfort of an unrivalled regulatory and compensation system to put right any errors.”

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