Attack on Iraqi refugee camp condemned

The Law Society Human Rights Committee has condemned reports of a deadly attack on Camp Ashraf, which killed 19 residents and injured dozens.
According to reports, the attack on the refugee camp started at midnight Sunday 1 September. Several refugees were reportedly taken hostage by Iraqi troops.
The Human Rights Committee of the Law Society of England and Wales has called for greater protections for the residents of the Iranian dissident camp.
Although most of the 3000 refugees in Camp Ashraf were moved to Camp Liberty, a former US military base on the outskirts of Baghdad, last year, around 100 refugees stayed behind.
Professor Sara Chandler, chair of Human Rights Committee, said: “The UN and the US government gave assurances for the safety and security of the Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, on numerous occasions. They have clearly failed to uphold their promise of protection while the Iraqi army has indulged into such a heinous act of aggression against refugees who are ‘protected persons’ under the Fourth Geneva Convention.
“The UN and US should condemn this attack in the strongest terms and provide all the humanitarian needs for the wounded. Iraq should immediately release all the hostages. The safety and security of the residents of Camps Ashraf and Liberty is the responsibility of the UN and the US.”
2 September 2013

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